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A spin-out company of the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN, Cluster Member).
Astrotectonic uses machine learning and AI to analyze satellite data and forecast earthquakes further in advance than is currently possible to prepare for and mitigate the effects.
CBK PAN conducts scientific and technical work in the field of space physics as well as physical and geodynamic studies of planets and the Earth.
Copernicus Center Press was established in 2012. Our mission is to educate and popularize science, expressed by the slogan WE MAKE THINKING!
Creotech specializes in the technology of a multifunctional microsatellite platform HyperSat; The Company is also co-involved in CreoDIAS project commisioned by ESA.
Areas of specialization: integrated dispatch communication systems of various scale and capacity, ICT devices and systems protected against cyberattacks
Company from EXATEL Group dedicated to coordination of Space Technology Cluster and R&D projects. The company 100% belongs to EXATEL S.A.
Polish telecommunications operator and provider of ICT, cybersecurity and satellite communications services. Supervised by the Minister of State Assets.
The company provides services in the field of IT consulting, software development, system integration, defense solutions and industry 4.0.
A research and development unit supervised by the Ministry of National Defense, competent in matters of scientific and research support for the exploitation of aviation technology.
GISS has an established position on the market of satcom, air traffic management and navigation systems, shooting solutions (training facilities).
Hertz Systems specializes in electronic engineering  and telematics in the defense, security, space, transport and telecommunications sectors.
The company's activities focus on the production of IT solutions in the field of computer vision, machine learning and flight software.
Kreatikon Sp. z oo is a team of instructors awarded in the 2020 space startup competition in front of a jury of NASA astronauts and representatives of the Polish Space Agency.
The university educates students in engineering fields, including computer science, mechanics and mechanical engineering, automation and robotics. There are Research Club of VDesign Constructors.
The company provides on-board software verified and accepted by the ESA for virtually any type of space mission. Major missions and projects: PROBA3, HERA, Comet Interceptor, LUPEX, ARIEL, EagleEye.
PCI builds key skills for researchers and students, expands their knowledge about startups and prototyping by providing makerspaces, as well as organizing educational programs and hackathons.
PCO produces observation systems for vehicles, such as night vision & thermal imaging sys, optoelectronic heads with various sensors, flight parameters display sys, fire control and laser radiation warning systems.
The goal of the CBK WEFiM is to lead interdisciplinary research and development in the scientific discipline of Automation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Space Technologies.
Design, manufacture and sale of propulsion systems for small sats. The products are intended to maintain satellite constellations, change and maintain orbits, control orientation, remove satellites by deorbiting.
The oldest university in Podkarpacie with rich achievements in such fields as materials engineering, aviation, astronautics, electronics and telecommunications.
A scientists team whose research extends far beyond the Karman line: biologists, geologists, physicists and even lawyers among us. We are united by a common goal - the study of life in the Universe.
State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław (Podkarpacie). Our Academic Business Incubator supports startups operating in the field of space technologies (f.e. Space Business Camp).
QOPT company applies quantum optical technologies for: telecommunication, the space industry, cybersecurity, sensors and metrology, and in the other challenges in modern engineering.
RAAR is strongly involved in the development aviation and astronautics. Podkarpacie is next to French Toulouse and Spanish Andalusia, center of the "winged" industry in Europe.
Specializes in electronics design, algorithms and software dev., radio, inertial & active location systems based on radar, optics or sound; on-board command and control sys, SOC and telco solutions. 
Using a proprietary, configurable post-quantum cryptographic processor, Resquant protects data confidentiality and communications against classical and quantum attacks.
Development and application of methods for processing satellite, aerial radar and optical images; advanced analyzes, e.g. the impact of mining on the environment, urban sprawl, stability of buildings.
Hi-res optical telescopes for all sizes sats, sats health scanner devices, i.e. integrated self-inspection and self-diagnostic systems of orbital infrastructure, designed to detect level of degradation and anomalies in sat devices.
Team of scientists and programmers. Their mission is to support enterprises and research institutions from the scientific side. They analyze data, perform research, solve problems and provide training.
The Łukasiewicz Research Network was established on April 1, 2019 and is the 3rd largest research network in Europe. Its main task is to conduct key research and commercialize its results.
We are a well-organized, modern and business-oriented law firm. We treat the practice of law not as a mere job, but as an art. We specialise also in space sector.
A world leader in the design and manufacture of scientific and research apparatuses. Since 1996, it has been designing and creating solutions that no one else would undertake to build.
Development and production of a wide range of embedded platforms, such as System on Modules and Carrier Boards.
Development of multi-layer insulation and a space simulator (designing, manufacturing and testing); thermal-vacuum tests at various stages of the project; designing thermal control systems for sats.
Spaceforest specializes in microwave technology, artificial intelligence, electronics and rocket technologies. Design, prototyping and production.
Wardyński & Partners, founded in 1988, is one of the largest independent law firms in Poland. Company has extensive experience in serving international clients in the aerospace sector.
Company provides electronics and software solutions for the space industry as well as quantum and optical communication, f.e. controllers of mechanisms and memory modules.
We solve problems in the areas of new incremental technologies, biotechnology, energy and nanotechnology.
Specializes in Space Advanced Communication Systems, designing innovative technological solutions in the field of constructing space vehicles and intelligent array antennas for space & defense.
Military University of Technology is a public, civil-military technical university in Warsaw and educates students, e.g. in the space and satellite engineering, aviation and astronautics.
The company is an established manufacturer of high-quality 3D printers, printing materials and automatic post-processing equipment. Zortrax products have been deployed f.e. by Bosch or NASA.
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We wait for you :)
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