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About Space Technology Cluster

The Space Technologies Cluster works for cooperation and promotion of the Polish space industry. The organization was created at the initiative of EXATEL, a Polish telecommunications operator, and brings together leading entities in the space sector. The Cluster includes the country's most important commercial companies (both private and state-owned), scientific and research organizations, representatives of the academic community and institutions surrounding the space sector.

The Space Technology Cluster is a platform for members of the organization to work together. We want to implement projects together. Both small ones and those of great importance for the economy and security of Poland. One of our ambitious goals is to support military and public institutions in the preparation of the first Polish constellation of observation microsatellites.

Our objectives

- To strengthen the position of Polish companies operating in the field of space techniques and technologies in the domestic as well as international market; 
- To support national experts in the creation and development of space techniques and technologies, to effectively provide their own solutions to the market of components and integrated space systems; 
- Formation of executive consortia for the implementation of projects - both domestic and foreign; 
- Dissemination of knowledge about space exploration and utilization, space techniques and technologies, and the benefits of developing activities in this area; 
- Creating an institutional and financial framework for active support of initiatives in which Cluster Members could participate; - Integration of space sector activities including companies, research organizations, associations and regional and local authorities; 
- Promotion of Space Technology Cluster Members through joint preparation of marketing offers, participation in fairs, symposiums and conferences; 
- Exchange of knowledge and experience among Space Technology Cluster Members; conducting educational and promotional activities - both at home and abroad.
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